*Please take note that patient, family and staff names in the below testimonials have been edited out for privacy purposes. From all our sincere hearts at Hampton Court we give a huge Thank You for the letters that continue to come in.








The world over, msny individual efforts are being applied to life changing situations on a daily basis. But most times the good things that are done never actually gained any exposure of occupy center stage. Not even having the opportunity of being modestly highlighted. 

Nonetheless for us, we would like to highlight an exemplary performace by your medical facility. We congratulate the Management. The Administrative staff, and, most importantly, the south station care team there at Hampton Court for the amazing job at taking care of our patient, R.T. You all were like family doing the best to make him happy and comfortable. No effort was spared. 

The respiratory team was incredible. Highly skilled and professionally gifted. And, were amazing at what they do best. You guys made him breath new life in every moment he needed a fresh breath of air. Always ready in attendance for an emergency. And anything to keep his eyes open, they would be eager to do it many times over. 

He was admitted to the facility 7 years ago. Where we all, by now, have come to recognize that he was blessed with a superb team of professionals. With all those magical hands and mind at work made his stay and life so much more pleasant. To the utmost, special to the very end. 

You all did good work. We salute you and say thanks to everyone. The camaraderie, candid moments, and most of all, the personal bond that was made has not ended. It has been etched in our memory and embodied in our lives. And will remain there forever. 

Thank you all,

Vernon, Ochae & Germaine



"Thank you for: Being here for my mom. Wonderful stuff she is doing. Great I am so happy that my mom came here. She is full of joy. Thank yall so much."

Family member of patient 2-22-2019


"Thank you for listening to my concerns in moving precisely as quickly as you did. Thank you as well for the calls you make to the family reassuring them and making them feel comfortable about coming to Hampton Court. This was the second time we used your facility and we were very satisfied.  P.S. This place is very clean. Thank you."

Family member of patient 2-6-19


"To the Staff & Administration of North Station:

We are forever grateful to you for the love, care and concern you demonstrated to our beloved "Ma". Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! On behalf of Ada Archibold's family, we say a heartfelt "thanks" for all you do for our mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Please help us celebrate her 98th birthday on Sept 20, 2018."

Sept 2018


"Thanks for taking care of Claria B. We could not have chosen a better place".

Family of patient June 2018


"Dear Ms. Stern:

We, the undersigned, Raul P., and Eduardo C, son and daughter of our late mother, Gladys C, who lived in your institution from July 2015 until she passed on 4/29/2018, want to express our most sincere appreciation for the outstanding care and services she received from you and your professional staff.

Your team's compassionate care, thorough attention to all her medical, dietary and overall quality of life needs that you provided to her is really commendable. At all times, we felt your understanding and dedication and to our multiple questions and requests that were only our manifestation and desperation to deal with her deteriorating mental and finally physical condition.

Ms. Stern, we hope you share with your teams our gratitude once again, and we congratulate you for running such a professional organization. Please feel free to use our testimony as you see fit, and we will be willing and able to recommend your organization to the community at large.

Turly Yours,

Raul P. Elena C and Eduardo C." May 7, 2018


 "To the owner and all the employees of Hampton Court for all the attention that was offered to my sister. To all of you my most sincere gratefulness. God bless you and all is with you." Sincerely yours, V.D. & Family. 7-2017


To N: "Being persistence, kind and for helping me make the right choice, Hampton court skilled nursing and rehabilitation, for my recover. Thank you for always caring and always going out of your way. I thank your owners and MGMT for finding you. I can imagine many more satisfied patient's like us who you are able to touch with kindness, professionalism, honesty and promptness." From K. 5-12-17


"My name is A.P. and I am newly arrived at Hampton Court and am very satisfied with the rehabilitation team. I am getting stronger and will be ready to go home soon! I wish I could bring them home with me to continue my rehab!" A.P.7-15-16


7-15-16: From the cousins of A.S. a resident here since 2010: “We were confident in choosing Hampton Court years ago for our elderly cousin, A.S.,( as our sister had resided there during her illness). She always receives love and attention from the wonderful staff, they have become family. She is now 97 years old and I know it is because of the care she gets.”


"Dear L, Words could not express how grateful we are to you and your staff for all the love you gave my dad in his short time there. Your compassion and professionalism was amazing. May God condiree to bless you, your staff and your families."

With Love the N. family 7-10-2016


"From the Med Life Instructor and students: To all the nurses at Hampton Court, I just want to say Thank You and God Bless! Marie F."

"You guys Rock! Thank you so much! S. Oscar."  

"To the amazing staff: Thanks for your kindness and your patience with my students. N. St. Louis-Med Life Instructor."

"Thanks a million for the knowledge you have imparted on us! Janet M."

"Thanks for all the things we have learned ffrom your facility. Felasade A."

"To all the wonderful staff at Hampton Court, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. You guys taught me so much and I will caring this with me for life and promise to make you proud! Rose T."

~Random thanks noted above and published on 4-19-2016~


“The staff here is so helpful-a 100%”

Rachel B. 4-7-2016


“Our family has had our mother, our sister and now our Aunt at Hampton for therapy. Each time we need a place for rehab and activities we know where to go. If I ever need care send me to Hampton Court!”

Marie B. 4-5-2016


“My husband recently was a patient in your facility. He had such a good experience with the rehab department, nursing staff, dietary and activities staff. When it came time for my sister’s current rehab, I knew just where she would succeed! We are very satisfied with Hampton Court.”

Paulina S. 4-1-2016


“I first came to Hampton Court in 2011 for therapy. I did so well I was able to return home with my family. When I had to go to the hospital here in 2016 and then to rehab after words, I remembered the wonderful care and attention the staff gave me. So here I am working hard in therapy and thankful for the staff.”

Eddie G. 3-31-2016


“Hampton Court was recommended to me by my good friend. I am very thankful for all the therapists that encouraged and pushed me to walk.”

Dolores M. 3-25-2016


“I have been living at Hampton Court for nearly 13 years! The staff is always a big help. They often go out of their way to pick up special items and personal things for me. The activities programs, religious services and weekly entertainment keep me going!”

Sallie C. 3-15-2016


"We can’t thank you enough, each and every one of you for your kindness and care with our beloved Marina C. Thank you for your compassion and understanding toward our family member. God bless you all!!!" C. Family 8-25-2015


"Thank you for your support and kind words during this difficult time. It meant a great deal to me and my family. Your presence was a comfort to us during the passing of our mother." P. Famiily 7-05-2015 


"Dear Staff, Thank you for helping my husband get well. We appreciate all that you did for him. He insisted that we send you this card! He knows that he probably drove you crazy with all the attention he needed, but he knows with your help it got him up and walking!" L. Family 3-11-2015


Dear L,

"My 94 yr. old sister has been in your facility two weeks needing almost constant care.

Never have I seen in any hospital or rehab center, such devoted and loving attention given to patients (all not only her).

I had to write this to express my appreciation.

Keep up your wonderful work.


Sister of patient June 11, 2014


Dear Ms. L,

"Re: Unsolicited Letter of Commendation and Sincere Appreciation for Selective Personnel at Hampton Court's Nursing and Rehabilitation Center from a former Patient...

As you are aware, I spent a few days rehabilitating there at Hampton Court last month (March 2014) after my cardiac surgery at Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. My experience at Hampton Court produced very positive results health-wise for me because of the special care and services that I received from several very caring, talented professional care givers. Like many other patients, I sincerely appreciated the services and care that I received and this unsolicited letter of appreciation is my way of communicating and acknowledging the same.

The following professional personnel positively impacted my life and experience at Hampton Court. They increased my desire and efforts to speed up my recovery and rehabilitation with encouragement, support and in the delivery of their professional duties, responsibilities and assignments at Hampton Court. Those professionals are: Numerous nurses, therapists, activities dept, dietician and admissions department director.

These identified persons are not only deserving of special commendations, they also deserve special consideration for salary increments for all that they do in patient care, medical service provisions and in improving and saving lives. Please accept this recommendation for the consideration needed to implement this suggestion from a former satisfied patient and thank you again for working with and providing services to me."

Patient April 2, 2014


To all the caring, giving people at Hampton Court who through all these years made Sandy comfortable and cared.

Thank You and God Bless.

Daughter of resident January 20, 2014


Dear Hampton Court Staff,

On behalf of my mother I would like to thank you for the excellent care you took care of her upon her release from the hospital last Monday, September 9, 2013. During the nine nights that she was at the Hampton Court, I has the opportunity to visit 2 to 3 times daily, and each time was greeted by a kind and concerned member of the Hampton Court staff. When I had questions, the nursing staff including the wonderful nurse Director, the physical therapy staff, the Dietary/Nutrition staff and even the Director of House Keeping talked with me.

The interdisciplinary care team ordered a new mattress and walker for my mother and gave me lessons on how to best assist her. Because of your team, my mother can now stand by herself and with assistance use her walker to walk. I plan to continue working with her home.

Again, thank you for your professionalism and care.


Daughter of patient September 18, 2013


Dear Ms. Z,

My grandmother was a patient in your rehab center this past October after a fall she sustained at home. It is with deep regret that I must tell you she passed away on November 12, 2012. This note is long overdue to you. I wanted to tell you that your staff was awesome to us! Everybody was excellent and so caring to her and me. I was there to visit her every day and met so many great loving people. I wish I could remember everybody by name but I was so preoccupied and upset by her condition that I neglected to make not of everyone's name. A few people stood out to us. Physical Therapy rep C. made a special connection with E. She spoke German/Yiddish with her and always helped her in and out of bed. She was so patient and loving. C. is the best of the best! I must also pay special tribute to her PCA. M. was the only person who could change her diapers. She was outstanding and so kind and gentle. I would not have changed her for a million dollars! She took such excellent care of my grandmother and always with a smile and TLC! I would be remiss if I didn't mention her RN. M. was always on top of everything and always knew what was going on and could always answer all my questions and was never too busy to listen to me or help me. All the nurses were great and you're lucky to have such a vast number of superior performers. Everybody at your facility was friendly and helpful. In the hallways the staff would acknowledge me and say "hello" and not just walk by. It's these little things that mean alot and show that people care, take pride in their work and enjoy where they work. After my grandmother was taken back to the hospital she had to go back to a different rehab and I chose a place in Ft. Lauderdale and the difference was like night and day. Hampton Court was an A+ and the other place could learn alot from you. The only fault I had with Hampton Court was her doctor. I felt he looked at her age and the fact she had a fall and wanted to write her off. The director of nursing was a bit like that too. Luckily my time with them was minimal. When E. was being discharged from the hospital I wanted her to go back to HC but was told that "Per the doctor" she could only come back if I agreed to sign a DNR and she went straight to hospice! As much as I wanted her to go back because of the wonderful day to day care, I was not ready to give up on her. The hospital doctor agreed she was not ready for hospice and had more living to do. She needed rehab and therapy. I also didn't think it wasn't right that a doctor (your doctor) could require a DNR for admission. That is a personal choice and a patient/family decision. I thought this was way out of line. I want to keep this note positive so I will not dwell on that. I would also like to compliment your Social Worker. The Social Worker was very helpful and knowledgeable. The Social Worker was always there to help. I must also mention the Dietary Department rep. F was so patient and caring too! He would always get her chocolate ice cream to eat. She would flirt with him and he was so kind to play along! Ms. Z I apologize for the delay in getting this note off to you-There has been so much to do with my grandmother's passing and emotionally I've not been up to putting my pen to paper and write to you.

Please forward my thanks and gratitude to your wonderful staff. Out family is forever grateful for the exceptional Care we received at HC. Your staff shines brightly and they make HC a 5 Star Facility. I wish you and your staff a Happy New Year and continued success.

Best regards,

Granddaughter of a patient January 13, 2013


Dear Ms. G,

It is with sorrow that I am contacting you regarding the passing of my father.  He was a resident of the final 5 months of his life at Hampton Court.

We were very pleased with the professional skilled nursing care that was provided to him in a very respectful and caring way. I would definitely recommend Hampton Court to others and their skilled nursing needs.

Thank you in advance of your efforts.

Son of a patient October 18, 2012


Ms. L.

My stepmother, my sisters and I are very comfortable of having our father staying at your facility, at the beginning we all tried to get adjusted to our new lives; having Dad in a nursing home wasn't an easy choice, it was hard for him and for us too.

I am glad that all issues were resolved, we have gotten to know your staff, and they're very caring and loving employees. The new CNA Spanish speaking employee is a blessing for my Dad and the other Spanish speaking residents; we are very pleased with his treatment and care to our father; now my father feels more comfortable of having someone who speaks his language, even though most of your staff speaks a little Spanish.

thanks God and your facility excellent care, my Dad has adjusted very well and we are very satisfied with the quality of care his having there. In regards to the previous letters; disregards them as they were only words from desperate daughters that grew up in a different culture, where parents and grandparents were living at home until they passed away.

When you come from another country, to initiate a new life and getting use to a new culture is not an easy task; even though we have lived here for over 40 years, when it comes to a situation like this we all got frustrated, because we never imagined that our Dad was going to live his last days in a nursing home.

I have a strong faith in God; things happen for a reason; having Dad in a nursing home is "ok" as long as it is "Hampton Courts Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Facility". Thank you again for been there we need it.

Daughter of a patient September 23, 2012


Dear Staff At Hampton Court,

Thanks to you all for taking good care of my mother last month. Both of her daughters live in other states and we were so grateful to all of you for your responsiveness of care. Thanks especially to Admissions and Social Work. the entire family is grateful.


Family of a patient August 12, 2012



Ms. L,

This brief letter of accommodation comes to your office two-fold. First to mention how pleased I was with the general services of Hampton' Staff during my rehabilitation stay there a short time ago. I can to your facility very shortly after having had a serious tri-fold surgery. Suffice-to-say, I needed physical assistance both in and out of my bed. Secondly and more specifically your morning shift supervisor recognized my serious condition immediately. In-keeping with her other supervisory responsibilities, whenever time permitted, she gave me my medications and the needed set of instructions timely and promply. When I began to improve, her professional and business-like counseling prepared me for my Physical Therapy. While sending this letter of appreciation to Hampton Court, I feel imperative to let your office know that you do have a very professional, dedicated, and Highly Skilled individual in the person on your staff.


~Patient July 31, 2012




The 400 wing and Hampton Court,


Thank You for taking care of Mom!



Family of a patient 5-8-12


Thank you!


Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism during my father's stay at your establishment.



Family of a patient 5-2012




To everyone that took care of my Dear husband. Thank You. To Ms. L Thank you for your concern, your special ways and generous heart, make a Beautiful Difference.

Family of a patient 3-9-12



The families of... "...would like to express their heartfelt thanks to everyone for sharing loving gestures of kindness during our time of loss. Our burdens were lightened because of others that care. Please continue to keep us in your prayers."

Family of a patient 1-20-2012


Dear L and staff, M, J and S.

Thanks for helping with my mom. I'm so relieved that mom is being taken care of at Hampton Court. You are the Best!

Daughter of a patient 11-2011


To the Hampton Court Family: In this card I wish to express in the name of my daughter and my own our most sincere gratitude to Ms. L, Mr. M, Ms. J, Ms. F, Ms. H, nurses, assistant nurses, and all your personnel that took such good care of my mother during her time at "Hampton Court." We are very grateful, with Love.

~Family of a patient 11-15-11


To my family at Hampton Court. Thank you for being there and for all of the support. I love you.

~Family of a patient


To a wonderful Staff. From a grateful patient.



To the Staff of Hampton Court,

Thank you so much for your wonderful welcome and hospitality! My grandmother feels at home here. She loves it so much. I appreciate every wonderful Staff member that I have come to know.

~Granddaughter of a patient 8-11-2011



I am grateful to you and your Staff for providing not only excellent patient care, but an environment where my Dad as sick as he was felt loved and content. During such a trying time, I appreciate that you went above and beyond to get us through well. Your kindness and support made a positive difference in our experience at Hampton Court.

~Daughter of patient 2011


To the Staff at Hampton Court,

I just wanted to send this note of gratitude for taking care of my mom during her stay. She has come a long way since her return home but still has a long way to go before she can go shopping. She still talks about how good you all treated her. I also want to thank you for helping my dad.

~Daughter & family of patient


Dear Staff,

I know my dad was only a resident there for a few days, but he was really beginning to get into the swing of things. He couldn't get enough therapy and tried his hardest to get those little chicken legs back to work. We just never know what the future holds and it as just his turn to go. I just wanted to thank everyone for their kindness and compassion toward not just my dad but for every resident of your facility. I walked the halls and grounds and saw sincere caring from every member of your Staff, from groundskeepers, housekeeping, kitchen help, up to nurses, Staff and owner. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I will miss my dad terribly, but will always have found memories of his short time at Hampton Court.

~Daughter of patient 7-31-11


Dear Ms. S

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for my stay at Hampton Court between May 6th and May 14th, 2011. I must admit that initially I had some strong reservations about transitioning from Aventura Hospital to a rehabilitation facility, based mostly on my own preconceived notions that proved to be totally incorrect. I had also convinced myself that I wouldn't have to be there for more than two or three days at most. instead, after the first couple of days. I totally understood why I needed to be there-the focused level of care and rehabilitation I required during my stay would have been impossible to replicate had I gone straight home.

As part of my preconceived notions, I was seriously worried as to who I was going to have to share a room with. I don't know if it was by design of coincidence, but you were able to pair me with a fellow knee-replacement patient who not only had his right knee done as well (albeit by a different surgeon) but also, (and this is by very strange coincidence), shares many same interests and activities as well as many of our same friends. His son and I actually work out together at the same gym...talk about a small world. So, in addition I have to thank Hampton Court for establishing a great new friendship.

Most importantly however and my reason for writing is to commend you and your staff for the exceptional level of professionalism and care during my stay. I wish I could remember everyone by name, as I certainly don't want to leave anyone out, but "L" and "R" were great as were the whole staff in Rehab, including "C" and "S", without whom I couldn't have made the progress I did during my stay. I also have to say how impressed I was with your level of planning and advanced arrangements for home care after my release from Hampton Court, including delivery of a CPM machine the very same day of my release as well as delivery of a walker and medications.

While I certainly hope not to have another surgery any time soon, I know that if and when I do, Hampton Court will definitely be my choice for post-operative recovery. Also, to the extent you ever need patient references, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you again for everything you did for me.

~Patient 5-30-11


To: All the Staff of the Rehabilitation Dept.

I want to thank each and every one for the excellent professional treatment in both the Physical & Occupational Therapy. You were caring and I commend you All!!

~Patient 4-13-11


Hello Ms. S, Mr. T, and Ms. N:

Forgive me for the delay in sending this note; I wanted to send you my thanks for looking out for my Dad. he has had a roller-coaster ride of events since his surgery in January. In the last few weeks he had a couple of troubling events but as a team you resolved these issues and I know he is on the road to recovery. Please accept my thanks and gratitude for the difficult taks you have in your jobs. I want to commend T, my Dad's nurse he has had many times; I believe T's expertise has kept my Dad stable and in the mode of recovery. Mr. T I must commend you for your calmness and dedication you have to my Dad, the other clients (and clients' family), and your staff. You were very kind to listen to my concerns on Thursday (2/24) morning. I believe you made a difference in my Dad's care, our confidence, and provided the reassurance we needed as a family. Thank you all again, I hope to see you again in the next few weeks.

~Patient's daughter 4-6-11



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for making my recovery as successful as it was. Everyone that came in contact with me game me excellent care, and for that I will always be appreciative of your wonderful facility.

~Patient 4-3-2011


Dear Mrs. S,

I just wanted to drop a note in the mail to thank you, and all of your staff for your kind consideration in caring for my mother. Best wishes to all.

~Patient's daughter 2-26-11



Thank you! For everything each of you has done to make the past eleven months of my sister's and my lives more enjoyable, bearable and even at times, fun! She and I have been given the wonderful opportunity to spend the last months of her life together, cherishing childhood memories and having family around us. We truly are thankful for all of the many kindnesses shown us by the Staff and Administration of Hampton Court. We were unable to care for ourselves, but everyone attended to our needs with such care and concern that we can only say "Thank You", "Thank You", Thank You".

~Two patient's 12-25-10


Thank you

To: All the Staff

~From a family of a patient


Thank you for the excellent care, dedication and love I received during my stay here at Hampton Court. The professionalism you showed was outstanding. Your kindness and attention will never be forgotten. Special thanks to "C" in Physical Therapy who encouraged me to "work" through the pain. Also, many thanks to the Staff assigned to my room. I couldn't have asked for better care. With gratitude and appreciation.




Administration Staff, Front Desk, Financial Staff, Professional health Care Staff, Dietary, Housekeeping, Social Services, and other important services that caters to our loved one health needs. We want to express our sincere thanks to all of you.

Special Thanks to the entire North Nursing Station & Support Staff:


You are a group of very special individuals who take care of the total Patient's needs. Thanks for your friendliness, understanding, and keeping our loved one Healthy, Happy and feels like HOME away from Home! To The North Nursing Station & Support Staff, "YOU ARE THE BEST!"

On behalf of our loved ones entire family, Thanks Again! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & BLESSED NEW YEAR-2011

~Family of a patient 12-20-10


Dear L,

On behalf of the entire family we wish to express our deepest gratitude for the exceptional care that you extended to our father and grandfather. Even though his last year was difficult, we firmly believe that the dedicated, skilled and compassionate care of the CNA's, Nursing and all Department Staff at Hampton Court extended his life so that he could be with us as long as he possibly could. He was a strong individual and GOD and Family were always his priority and that is evident in your philosophy as well. Even though we don't wish to see them suffer, the final separation is heart-wrenching and I'm sure your staff feels that to some extent as well. you all were a big part of our lives this past year and we just wanted you to know how much we appreciate not only what you did for him but all the hard work you do on a daily basis. God bless you & your staff.

~Patient's family 4-14-10


To The Administration and Staff at Hampton Court:

Thank you for the quality of care that my mother received during her stay at Hampton Court from July 2005 thru March 2010.

~Patient's daughter 3-29-2010